Stage 4 Breast Cancer


Stage 4 breast cancer is so advanced and aggressive that surgery or radiation only doesn't help. Only systematic therapy can help, combining several or more therapies to support body's natural defenses.

Racial Differences?

There are studies which talk about racial differences. The percentage of black women in US whose cancer spreads to other tissues is 10%. When it comes to white US women, the number is around 5%.

When you compare this to 54% survival rate of the stage 3b, to the 20% survival of the stage 4 breast cancer, you see how advanced this stage is.

Differences by Countries?

Medicine still doesn't know much about the causes of the decease. All the women across the globe could get breast cancer. However, there are some differences in survival rates. They can be best explained by differences in medical care and cancer detection, and some common typical habits of the people. In general, women in Europe have better survival rates than in U. S. For example, the death rate in US is about 6% higher than in Denmark, and about 5% higher then in U. K. However, the death rate in U. S. is as much as 15% higher then in Japan or China! The food they eat must have influence, besides the good early detection. (the death rate mentioned here is for all the cancer stages combined).

Early detection procedures are crucial in prevention. All adults should self check themselves monthly. Women after 30 should do annual mammogram checks.


There's no doubt that what you eat influences the survival rate, and also the chances of getting the decease. Particularly, researchers proposed that mono unsaturated fat consumption is protective while the risk associated to breast cancer is usually attributed to polyunsaturated fat. In other words, some fat is good, some is bad.

Median Survival Rate

Median survival rate tells that, patients who have advanced breast cancer live approximately eighteen months after the diagnosis. Those who survive five years after their diagnosis on average live three and a half years more. That's according to the American Cancer Society.

Statistics show that five-year survival rate for stage 4 is around 20%. The percentage varies depending on the situations and treatments. This number doesn't include people who die from other causes. Remember that this is an average number, and your actual chances of survival can be different.

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